Navigating Unchartered Waters

Over the past several weeks Carmel Academy’s Educational Leadership Team has been following the news very closely. As many institutions have published statements of condemnation or praise, we have asked ourselves if there is a particular lens or voice that we can or should contribute to the conversation.

It has become increasingly clear to the Leadership Team and our teachers that our voice must be a reminder of kindness and basic goodness. We are not policy experts and we will not make claims about particular politics. Yet, throughout the unfolding of events regarding the refugee crisis we have seen an animosity, and a description of other human beings that strips them of their humanity and their individuality. This is unacceptable, and is antithetical to Carmel Academy’s mission, vision and principles.

One of the benefits of elementary education is the opportunity to preach and cultivate a sense of pure goodness. No politics can or should be allowed to complicate our moral compass. We are a Jewish educational institution shaped and defined by our values. Our daily efforts propel our students to embody our Brit Middot (Values Covenant), purposely placing at its core behavioral expectations that inspires our holy community (Kehilat Kodesh). In these times more than ever before, we turn to our Brit Middot for guidance as we help our students process these national events.

As we educate your children to be global citizens and find their own voice in never ending conversations about the future of our country, we hope to nurture a critical eye. At the same time, we demand to imbue within them a deep and unfaltering commitment to goodness and dignity. We condemn all rhetoric that demonizes innocent people, and we are repulsed by any language that aims to discriminate based off religion or race.

These are challenging times for parents, educators and children. As we navigate the current educational climate and whatever policy may be established, we demand basic decency. As always, we are grateful for your partnership as we embark unchartered waters.

May the One who makes peace, make peace upon us,
for all of Israel, and for all who inhabit the earth.
And let us say, Amen!

– The Carmel Academy Educational Leadership Team


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